This show uses the following sound effects from

2 Impact Wet by original_sound (

big monster breathing 001.wav by yottasounds (

Bones breaking by VlatkoBlazek (

Cave Drips by everythingsounds ( - Isolated left channel

Cave_Machine_small hum_atmos 1.wav by (

crossbow.wav by mschaefgen (

Cthulhu growl.wav by cylon8472 (

Destruction, Wooden, A.wav by InspectorJ (

Dust Scatter, A.wav by InspectorJ (

fire crackling by daenerys (

Footsteps - Child running and laughing on wooden floor.wav by Sirderf (

Hard Punch to Gut (No Effects Only Mixing) by EFlexMusic (

horse carriage 2-edited.mp3 by j_o_j (

Horse Whinny, Close, A by InspectorJ (

Knuckles-boom.wav by HeraclitoPD (

Lava loop.wav by Audionautics (

Man_with_Cane_Comes_Down_Wooden_Stairs.wav by Tdude9000 (

Monster Bite on Armor WAV by OGsoundFX (

Monster Growl.wav by ztrees1 (

Monster Sigh in Cave.wav by TinTinOko (

panic.wav by Erdie (

Rock_Hammer_01.wav by dheming (

Rock_Hammer_Chisel_01.wave by dheming (

Rockfall in mine.wav by Benboncan (

RunningPast.wav by edwar64896 (

Screeching bats by (

Sehusa Fest Medieval Crowed by inchadney (

Splash, Jumping, G.wave by InspectorJ (

street-preacher.wave by echobones ( - Isolated left and right channels

Tawny Owls 2.wav by Benboncan ( - Isolated left channel
THE CRASH.wav by sandyrb (

Waterfall, Large, A.wav by InspectorJ (